LMA 2017
Those Irish smiling eyes – July 2017

Being number two in a family of four siblings I have always loved big families, and ever since I can remember I have wanted children and five of them!

Luckily for me when I announced this dream to my better half, at the mere age of 24, he didn’t run a mile.  Fourteen years later we haven’t quite hit the target number (thankfully) but I am a mama to two little boys.

I started a blog just after I had my first son (Jack) early in 2009, as I found it a much needed therapeutic way to release all the new emotions / anxieties / challenges I was feeling and experiencing.  That blog ‘mummiesfirststeps’ lasted for about three months after which I returned to full time work and unfortunately didn’t have the time to keep writing.

I have since had our second son (Finn), now two and a half, am still working but have reduced my hours to four days a week.  And it’s now that I have that same urge, as I did all those years ago, to write and share my experiences as a mother…working, playing and wearing many hats in this crazy parenting world we live in.

Enjoy, Christy x

(If you’d like to get in touch, please do at lightsmamaaction@gmail.com)