Reducing the Monday madness

A Finn sandwich – August 2016

Monday’s come round far too quickly…but why the hell are we ALWAYS so surprised when they turn up?  Why do we not know off by heart by now that a Monday follows a Sunday, it’s the start of the week, and therefore it’s time to get our shit together?

I, like most, usually deny that Monday is tomorrow and therefore get those Sunday twitches which I first remember feeling at school.  The realisation of not finishing all of my homework used to slap me in the face around 17:00…now the realisation is predominantly that I haven’t got round to washing something which is urgently needed by someone.

Don’t get me wrong, Sunday’s are also one of my favourite days of the week, it’s the day when I feel most relaxed (after having two days off already), it’s the day when there are no expectations, no pre-paid sporting events I have to take Jack to, we rarely make plans (unless it’s a family lunch, which is always a great thing), it’s a day I can just potter, and it’s the one day when there’s a bigger chance Mr LMA just might make it home for dinner.

So to help reduce the shock of a Monday springing up on me I’ve since learnt, over the years, a few helpful tips to smooth the way.

My Sunday strategy includes…

  • Ensuring a wash is put on first thing which includes the forgotten uniform.
  • Making sure pants for all boys are in same wash as there definitely won’t be any clean.  (If you’re pushed for time, only wash the PE kit as uniform isn’t really needed until Wednesday).
  • Reminding Jack (before you put a movie on) to unpack his school bag (from Friday).
  • Reading the school letters Jack’s been stashing hours before you go to bed to ensure you don’t lose sleep on all the things you might have missed (mainly payments for school trips).
  • Buying 4 pints of full fat milk (this is more an every day reminder as we ALWAYS run out of milk).
  • Cooking too much for dinner so you’re guaranteed leftovers for a few lunches at work, (unless of course Mr LMA is home for dinner which means you’re screwed).
  • Mopping the floors with something lovely smelling to make you feel like you’ve cleaned the entire flat and eradicate lack of cleaning skills guilt.
  • Putting clean clothes away which have been sitting there all week (I mostly ignore this one because it’s logical and easier to leave them out as more often than not they’ll be worn again, immediately – why do boys do that?).
  • Taking something out of the freezer for Monday night’s dinner, because you won’t EVER remember to do it in the morning.
  • Setting your alarm for 05:45 so you can go for a run before the flat is awake.  (This will always kick start the day and makes you feel great!).
  • Switching the other alarm on for 06:45 because nine times out of ten you’ll turn the previous one off. (There’s always tomorrow).
  • Going to bed before 23:00 to ensure morning crankiness is at a minimum (therefore start your new Monday blog post earlier so you’re not still clicking keys at 00:05).

So by achieving at least 50% of the above on a Sunday (I find) really helps to reduce Monday morning chaos, because I don’t know one person, with kids, who is able to glide effortlessly through Monday without a moan, missing pants, or milk.

The key is to remind myself, to remember, to plan ahead (smart I know).

Rocking the headscarf – August 2017

Our Family Weekly Round Up

  • Finn’s discovered his love of corn on the cob.
  • Jack played crazy golf for the first time with Grandpa.
  • Liverpool drew with Watford (v sore point with Mr LMA).
  • Finn and I have caught gastroenteritis (boiled chicken starts now).
  • I ate at an Ivy Cafe for the first time (highly recommend the shepherds pie).
  • Finn really rocks a head scarf and could easily pass as a girl.
  • Jack, aged 8, is now wearing trousers for 10 year olds.



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